Sunday 27th October

“Are you a postgraduate student or early career researcher (3 years post-PhD)?

You are invited to participate in an “Effective communication of research outcomes” workshop.

The main facilitator will be Dr Hugh Kearns, an internationally recognised public speaker and researcher. He is widely recognised for his ability to take the latest research in psychology and education and apply it to high-performing people (  In this workshop, you will learn strategies to communicate effectively and how to deal with the discomfort of it all. The session will also cover evidence-based strategies to combat the imposter system –  an inferiority complex where high achievers doubt their abilities.

You will also hear about the communication strategies used by past and present extension officers and industry representatives in livestock genetics.

The workshop is limited to 30 participants, and for students and early career researchers comes at no additional registration fee other than in making sure your travel arrangements and accommodation enable you to participate fully on Sunday 27th.
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn, and to develop a network with your contemporaries before the conference. To facilitate this interaction, students who require accommodation and who wish to attend this workshop should organise on-campus accommodation ”