wednesday tours


CSIRO and UNE Smart Farms

Take in some of the great work that is being done at occurring at the CSIRO Agriculture and Food Chiswick field station and the UNE Smart Farm.

CSIRO will feature research on development of novel phenotypes, such as feed intake on pasture and resilience, application of precision livestock management technologies and new research into the application of dual purpose cropping for livestock.  Chiswick, is also one the sites for Merino Ewe Life Time Productivity Project.

The UNE SMART Farms are a hub for multi-disciplinary research at UNE and provide a test bed for new technologies.  With research ranging from the individual insect to whole of landscape level and everything in between there is something to interest everyone.  The SMART Farm Innovation Centre showcases technologies and their applications for a digitally connected Future Farm including precision livestock tech, remote sensing, asset management and sensor networks.  The SMART Farms are also home to the MLA Resource Flock along with commercial sheep enterprises and facilities for research on a range of species.


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