Mark is a third generation farmer from Tullamore in Central NSW. Mark works in the family partnership with his father Robert and brother Doug. Mark has a degree in Farm Business Management from Sydney University that he utilises in his day to day duties and future planning for the family enterprise.

Mark currently sits on sat on the following committees
•    Technical committee Sheep Genetics.
•    National Livestock Genetics Consortium task force MLA - The task force’s aim is to increase collaboration, communication & investment in livestock genetics.
•    Merino Link Merino Lifetime Productivity trial steering committee.
•    Macquarie Merino Lifetime Productivity trial steering committee.

Mark manages the Centre Plus Central Nucleus. His key roles include data capture with electronic tags and the storage, management and analysis of the data from Centre Plus.

This work has developed a strong interest in genetics and the technologies that go hand in hand with sheep breeding programs and often translates to other industries looking to increase breeding outcomes.